International Women’s Day


Initially, I was just going to text this person to tell her what she meant to me and then I realized I have a blog! And I can tell EVERYONE* how amazing she is.

(*11 readers)

The woman that inspires me the most? My own mother, Miss Mary T.


All I have on my phone are selfies of us…I should really let her be on the left side, every now and again.

Yup, I’m lucky enough that my female role model is someone I can tangibly reach out and talk to whenever I want (and she’d probably like it if I actually did call more).

Why does she inspire me, besides the obvious fact that she has had to deal with me for the last 30 years? Well…why don’t I just tell you!

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My, What Lightly Defined Cheekbones You Have

Product: Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Duo

Rating: Tom Hagen

Price: $39.00

Shop It: Make Up For Ever, Sephora

New music Mondays…I’ve had this on repeat. Now I’m sharing it with you.

The Beauty:

Contouring is ALL the rage lately. While we don’t all have two hours to spare in the morning plus someone to actually apply a full face of contour, there are many products abound to help you gain light definition without looking like you’ve scrubbed dirt on your face. I have recently become obsessed with Make Up For Ever products – they have amazing brushes, smooth foundation, and heavy duty concealer that helps to hide my exhaustion with life.

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Flashback Friday: Trying Fake Eyelashes

My what fake lashes you have…

So it’s Friday! And since I have been doing this blog off and on for awhile now, I decided to start posting old posts (mostly to cover the fact that I have not written a new one for today – don’t judge me, I work full time). Today I bring to you my attempt at putting on fake eyelashes. This is something I’ve gotten slightly better at, however I still risk losing an eye nearly every time I put them on.

Take a peek, laugh at my awkward makeup-less selfies, and learn from my mistakes!

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JOJO Tries Things

Sephora Virtual Artist

So, as you may have gathered, I really, really, really like Sephora. So I, of course, receive daily emails where they tell me about new products, offer beauty tips, and try to entice me into their lovely striped store to buy more of said products. Yesterday, my email looked like this:

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 9.00.09 PM

I figured why not take a look at the future of beauty buying! And you should join me…

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Thrift Shop Tuesday: Maybelline Baby Lips

Product: Maybelline Baby Lips

Rating: The Godfather, Gerber

Price: $2-3.00

Shop It: your local drugstore!

I hate every part of my soul for including a Justin Bieber song but it was too punny to resist. 

The Beauty:

If you skim any of my posts, you’ll notice a common theme: holy HELL do I spend a lot of money on makeup (shhh, don’t tell my mum!). As I’ve started to watch YouTube beauty tutorials and explore other blogs, I’ve found most do ‘drug store haul’ posts – cheap and just as effective! If you are a frequent reader, you’ll know I’m actively trying to wear more lipstick. It’s been going swimmingly except since I favor a matte lip, combating the dryness and keeping my lips looking fresh has been a bit of a struggle.

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