Fitness Friday: Biker Barre

Look at me! Mid-February and still (kindasortamaybe) sticking with a New Year’s Resolution to be healthier.

Trick one has been wearing a Fitbit and realizing that sloths probably take more steps that I do during a normal work day, and holy hell, there are HOW many calories in a Venti quad latte? I have been actively trying to cut back on the number of lattes I drink in a day, the number of pieces of pizza I eat in a week, and of course, being more active.

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30 at 30

Oh what UP, I’ve survived THREE DECADES on earth. That’s like, nothing in comparison to a lot of rocks…COOL, rocks are more successful than I am. But I bet rocks can’t give you thirty tidbits of advice, CAN THEY?? They can’t, but I can. Continue along for all that I’ve learned in thirty years…

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