Hello. It’s me.

Welcome! Welcome! Do come in.

Oh? You’re already inside? Because this is a website and that’s how these types of things work? Well then…uh, hi.

Who are you?

My name is JO and I like to write.

This is my face.

This is my face.

That was always my main love affair: words. Then I hit puberty and my skin went to shit and I realized Freshman year of high school that I needed a little bit of help in the beauty department. We lived in Southern CT and with easy access to NYC, my darling, amazing mother brought me to Saks on Fifth Ave one fine Saturday. And there we paid a visit to the Lancome makeup counter. It was my very first makeover and I was hooked.

From there it was on to the cheap CVS pieces until I graduated to higher end brands  where I have since maintained a steady, if not oft one-sided, relationship with beauty stores like Sephora. I cannot stress enough that I have absolutely no cosmetology experience whatsoever and everything I’ve learned has been through trial and error so I thought I’d help offer my lessons learned out to y’all.

What do I have to offer?

You’ll get product reviews on a (semi)daily basis. It could be eye makeup! It could be face cleansers! It could be bronzer! It could be pizza! Err…maybe not that last one. But you get the gist, I plan on running the gamut of the beauty world, selfishly providing myself with an excuse to purchase new goodies.

Along with an introduction to different products, there will be tips and tutorials, fun life anecdotes because I’m a crazy person, possible vlogs down the road and am open to any comments or questions you may have. All of this knowledge will be delivered to you with a dash of humor, a bite of sarcasm and just a hint of grace.

What won’t you get?

Professionalism or class. I have the mouth of a trucker. I work in a an office. I have literally no training besides what I’ve learned through trial and error. Essentially, I love writing and I want to share that with people regardless of how small that audience may be.

So dive right in to the archives, you won’t be sorry (but your wallet might).