Mascara Monday: Cheap and Sensational

Product: Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious

Rating: Tom Hagen

Price: $8.99

Shop It: Local Drugstore

New music Monday: I hate every part of my soul for betraying my 1D babies but, here we are…ZAYN (yeah – he goes by one name now. Insert eye roll here). Also, blatant album cover ripoff of Lil Wayne but I digress.

The Beauty:

If you take a peek through the archives (something I urge you to do – if only so I can make your wallet suffer along with mine), you’ll see a fair number of products that are quite…how do you say…expensive as hell. SO this week is bargain buy week at The Lease! I’ve stocked up on drugstore goodies and they are still goodies (in the sense they can compete with products selling for twice and three times the cost).

Up first, since it’s Monday, we get mascara! If you are not born with lashes black as the bitterest coffee that fan out like, uh, a fan then Maybelline has got you covered! Their line of mascaras has always been popular in the beauty world and the Lash Sensational Luscious stands up against heavy weights and is particularly close to the results you’ll get from Lancôme HYPNÔSE DRAMA.

The Instruction:

The brush is well designed with thinner bristles that catch each lash on every coat. I use the fatter end of the brush on the outside part of my eye and the thinner to catch those pesky lashes close to the corner. Other than that, it’s mascara – you dip, swipe swipe swipe then go on your merry way (hopefully without stabbing yourself in the eye).

The Beast:

Minimal clumping between coats knocks this from the highest ranking. To mitigate, use a lash comb between coats and you’ll be perfectly fancy and ready to go.

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