Thrift Shop Tuesday: Maybelline Baby Lips

Product: Maybelline Baby Lips

Rating: The Godfather, Gerber

Price: $2-3.00

Shop It: your local drugstore!

I hate every part of my soul for including a Justin Bieber song but it was too punny to resist. 

The Beauty:

If you skim any of my posts, you’ll notice a common theme: holy HELL do I spend a lot of money on makeup (shhh, don’t tell my mum!). As I’ve started to watch YouTube beauty tutorials and explore other blogs, I’ve found most do ‘drug store haul’ posts – cheap and just as effective! If you are a frequent reader, you’ll know I’m actively trying to wear more lipstick. It’s been going swimmingly except since I favor a matte lip, combating the dryness and keeping my lips looking fresh has been a bit of a struggle.

Enter Maybelline’s Baby Lips! Since it’s Fashion Month, I have been following a number of brands/makeup artists on Snapchat (yes, I AM an adult – why do you ask?) and one such brand was Maybelline, completing entire looks for shows with their products. If it’s good enough for high fashion, it is CERTAINLY good enough for me. While Baby Lips comes in a number of tinted shades, my focus is the ‘Quenched’ pictured above – a sheer lip balm that I’ve been using as a primer.

The Instruction:

After I wash my face and apply moisturizer, I sweep on a coat of Baby Lips before I start to apply my makeup. This gives it time to soak in while I get the rest of my face ready for the general public. By the time I have applied about 17 products to my face, I’m ready to apply liner and lipstick – all on a freshly smoothed base via Baby Lips!

The Beast:

No complaints from me! I have not yet tried any of the tinted versions but you can bet with this price tag and this amount of success that I will be!

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