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PRODUCT: Lush BIG Sea Salt Shampoo

Rating: Tom Hagen

Price: $27.95

Shop It: the Lush online store, or pop into one of their stores to get a tester prior to purchase!

I hate that I love this song because, well, Bieber. 

The Beauty:

I think I’ve only ever reviewed one or two other hair products as I just don’t focus very much on my strands. HOWEVER, during the holiday season when I was shopping, I decided to swing into the ever so fragrant (trust me – you know when you’re near one of them) Lush store. There I purchased a bath bomb and let me tell you, I’m a changed woman. After an initial bath bomb purchase, I sidled in recently to get a few more when I started to poke around for other products (and I also read an aggressive Buzzfeed post on Lush products and thought, why not?)

My hair is not the fullest or thickest so I am always on the hunt for something that will change that. Lush’s BIG shampoo was described to me as giving your hair the ‘just sauntered out of the ocean’ look without the nasty drying effect that usually goes hand in hand with it. So, I did what I always do and just made the leap to buy the full size and hope it worked.

The Instruction:

The Lush brand touts organic, mostly vegan, products that aren’t tested on animals. As such, their packaging is different than you’d expect with a cartoon of a man or woman that actually made your product – weird but HI! Jerome.

When I first opened the BIG shampoo I was alarmed to find the product legitimately looked like a salt that I might mix with oil then dip bread into. HOW was this going to help my hair? HOW was this going to lather into a happy little foam that helped my hair? HOW was I going to resist eating it because who doesn’t want to snack in the shower?

These concerns were all very unwarranted because using only a small amount – about the size of a dime (for reference, I have shoulder length hair) –  it lathered and, with surprising ease, worked through any tangles. The salt is balanced out by seaweed and coconut oil to leave your hair soft but full. It also has a light scent that isn’t as overpowering as some Lush products (and their store/the five mile radius around it) would lead you to believe.

Post-shampoo, I used Lush’s American Cream conditioner to add a little more softness and shine. The two products pair together nicely, leaving me with a gorgeous mane once I’m fresh, clean and dried.

Bonus tip: the BIG shampoo looks great on two-day old hair paired with a dry shampoo!

The Beast:

There’s a bit of a learning curve with the Lush products due to alternative packaging and the product look/feel. I also don’t use it everyday as I feel there’s potential to dry out your strands.

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