Let’s Get High | Chella Highligher Pencil

PRODUCT: Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil

Rating: The Godfather

Price: $18.00

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The Beauty:

No, we’re not actually getting high…unless you live in Colorado or Washington, or have a job that does not involve random drug tests. But we ARE taking a look at a magical, multitasking highlighter pencil! The beauty market has been absolutely flooded with highlighting products – I myself have about a dozen in my makeup stand. It’s alarming to say the least.

Highlighters are the wizards of beauty products because they have so many uses: brighten dark bags under eyes, help conceal blemishes, brighten and widen your eyes, slim your nose, defeat Lord Voldemort, define your brow arch – it’s purposes are endless and magical.

This little pencil gem does it all. It’s a smooth, chubby piece that applies and blends flawlessly. It’s a lovely ivory (as the name would imply), a color that isn’t too bright nor too white so we don’t stray into the early 2000s beauty trends of terror.

The Instruction:

This will vary depending on what you hope to accomplish. I personally use it to brighten the inner corners of my eyes and to highlight the arch of my brows. To do so, I apply lightly along my brow line in short smooth strokes before blending with my fingertip and following with the Benefit Brow Zings kit.

Other uses for the pencil: apply to your under eye area to cover any dark circles (apply the pencil then blend blend blend), apply along the bridge of your nose to slim and highlight (duh), once you’ve applied lipstick apply a small dab of product along the cupid’s bow (that lil cute lip dip below your nose), or cover up small, red imperfections across your face.

Such little pencil, much beauty use!

The Beast:

No real downsides! If you’re looking for a Kardashian-esque highlighting tool, this isn’t going to help but it’s great for daytime looks and to help glam up your brows.

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