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I shouldn’t be allowed to take a selfie.


I put a lot of makeup on my face to then have it not look like I have a lot of makeup on my face. At least, that’s how I feel. Occasionally, I will start to post a HORRENDOUS selfie immediately after I apply makeup and walk you through all the products I used on my face afterwards.

Some products will have already been posted (and will subsequently be linked), others will be future posts. Let’s begin!

But first, lemme play #SELFIE

Face Base

All the products used in prep:

Aveeno Clear Complexion Moisturizer

Always good to start so fresh and so clean clean. Face washed and moisturized, ready to go.

Don’t be alarmed by the green, you will not end up like the Wicked Witch of the West. You will end up cancelling out any redness in your pale, Casper skin though. Apply to your t-zone, around your nose, and any other trouble areas.

A just-reviewed-yesterday BB cream offering: Dior’s offering is light, smells rich (like, it actually smells luxurious), and has more moisture than your average BB.

Hide Your Face

All the products used to hide, define, and shine:

Bags under your eyes, redness around your nose, spots. It’s all there and then – poof! – it’s not.

This may be discontinued? Possibly? I’d be sad but really that just means I get to buy new makeup.

I favor a more neutral and natural (if that’s even possible when deal with contouring) shading. With my fair skin, I delve into the top and bottom pair on the far left. I’m working on exploring more aggressive contouring. Until then, it’s a timid flow for me!

It’s a little tacky when you swipe on so it’s perfect to wear alone OR to layer on another blush to really add a pop of color.

I went with a quite bright lipstick and should have actually dimmed down the pink and peaches of my skin tone with a more bronze and matte look (you live and you learn). I did apply with lightly on my cheekbones, jawline, nose and t-zone.

Helps to mattify and set your makeup for a longer lasting finish. Light, silky and smooth.

What Big Eyes You Have

Eyes are the windows to the soul – also, you need them to see things:

I would LOVE to tell you what I used on here. But I do not know. I know it was shimmery and highlighty. Figure it out, you’re an adult.

I knew I was going to have aggressive lipstick on so I kept my eyes simple with a bit of a smokey cat eye, hold the smoke. Instead, applied a line of it and smudged it a bit. Yes, I have been watching tutorials. No, I still don’t know what any of those words mean.

Gots to define that line. Liquid eyeliner is gold for getting you a highly pigmented and stark black  line – as black as my soul and sharper than my wit.

Sometimes I wonder if the people that name makeup products get paid by the letter because they add SO many extra words. Either way, I bought this when I initially bought the liner. They pair well together and this mascara gives great volume and length.

Don’t Gimme any Lip

Or do, please do:

If you’re planning on highlight your lips, they BETTER be smooth. I apply this before I start on my face or else you’re taking off a bit of foundation and coverage around your mouth and you can stray into Ronald McDonald land.

Helps to add moisture, smooth your lips and prep for color.

Provides good guidelines and helps to ensure my lipstick stays put right where I want it to be!

NOW, what I’m always most excited about when it comes to nights out is the opportunity to find different lipsticks and test out different looks. I LOVE this pinky-purple color. I nearly didn’t buy this particular shade when my judgey BFF made an ugly face at me after I tried it on at Blue Mercury in Georgetown but I ended up loving it (and it grew on her so HAH). I don’t wear it often but when I do, I feel as pretty as a princess that could also potentially stab you with her stiletto. Lipstick does that to me.

Annnnnd that’s all! Yup, just a casual SEVENTEEN products. I also forgot to list what I put on my brows but I’m too tired and it’s already SO much stuff on there for you to enjoy. Click through, find something knew, add it to your wishlist OR just splurge!

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  1. Mary February 10, 2016 / 3:34 pm

    Great color on the lipstick – beautiful face

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