Mascara Monday…On a Tuesday

PRODUCT: L’Oreal Voluminous Superstar Mascara

Rating: Tom Hagen

Price: $10.99

Shop It: Your local drugstore!

The Beauty:

If there’s any one adjective that could be used to describe the makeup I talk about on The Lease, it would have to be ‘pricey’. I realized this when I was sorting through and organizing all of my goodies this weekend. That got me thinking about drugstore beauty because I think, undeserving, cheap has become synonymous with bad.

I spent most of this weekend (um, let’s keep what I’m about to say between us) watching NYFW via Snapchat and one of the best stories was Maybelline’s. I was shocked to see a drugstore brand behind the scenes so it got me thinking about bargain buys. I had completely forgotten about this product that I had purchased until I was running late and this was the first tube of mascara I grabbed.

LET ME TELL YOU, I am very pleased I purchased this. It’s a double sided mascara with a primer on one end and lengthening and volumizing mascara on the other.

The Instruction:

Step 1 – using the side labeled ‘Step 1’ and prime your lashes. The brush is designed to hit every bit of lash.

Step 2 – once primed, using the ‘Step 2’ side to apply the mascara. The formula is great, giving volume and length layered on top of the primer.

Step 3 – bat your plump lashes at your friendly neighborhood barista and maybe you’ll get a free muffin (this has never worked for me but hey, one can hope).

The Beast:

Knocking this down from a Godfather level product there is the potential for clumpage. No one wants to look like they have spider legs on their lashes (or, they do – to each their own).

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