BB Cream Royal Rumble

In a world of options, one girl – one jojo – arose from the ashes to provide you with a GALLERY of BB cream options.

Who is about to win Thursday? YOU ARE. Because lined up are five of my all time favorite BB creams (yeah, I have FIVE favorites – fight me).

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Let’s start with the basics…(read more in the full post!)

What are BB Creams?

First things first, how lazy are you? Because if you are, I have good news for you! Because BB creams are a perfect match of moisturizer, SPF coverage (usually – check the label!), and light coverage all in one little bottle. There are so many different options out there now ranging in cost and coverage that you’re bound to find the perfect one for your skin type and color.

Why should you buy one?

Well, like I said, are you lazy? But also does your skin not require a whole lot of products so that you can step out the door tout de suite? Do you still want to take care of your skin? Do you want extra coverage WITHOUT bumping up to a heavier foundation?

All of these are good reasons to grab a BB cream. For work days, or days I’m running late (I call those ‘week days’…cue the bad dad joke laughs), I will use about a dime squeeze of BB cream – completely vaulting over the use of foundation. For those days/nights out that I need to make sure the only person seeing my real skin is me (and no, you’ll never see a ‘I woke up like this’ selfie out of THIS girl), I use a BB cream as an additional primer. It’s magical. It’s kind of like putting on a mask of your own face but WAY better looking. It’s a real life Instagram filter painted on…#xxpro or #valencia.

How do I apply it?

Easily! I moisturize my face first because I have very dry skin then usually apply with clean fingertips, or if I really want flawless, light coverage I use a beauty blender. Follow it up with a light contour and blush and you’re ready for the day!

What are my options?

So many! I’ve rounded up the five that I’ve reviewed in some way, shape or form on The Lease for your approval. Three of them, I absolutely swear by. Check out the gallery for my picks plus the links below to the original posts!

Tarte Tinted Treatment  – moisturizing, SPF 30, fuller coverage $36.00

Marcelle Golden Glowilluminating, smoothing $27.00

Dr. Jart+ Black Labelsmooth, SPF 25, matte-like $36.00

Dior Hydra Life – hydrating, SPF 30, smoothing $60.00

Maybelline Dream Fresh –  bargain buy, SPF 30, a little goes a long way $7.99

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