BB It’s Cold Outside: Diorskin Hydra Life BB Creme

PRODUCT: Diorskin Hydra Life BB Creme

Rating: The Godfather

Price: $60.00

Shop It: Sephora, Dior

The Lumineers are back! They recently released their new single and their album drops on April 8th – I’ll be anxiously awaiting it’s delivery.

It’s been awhile since I reviewed a BB cream. Odd when you look in my makeup bag and see approximately eleventy different tubes in ranging shades of ‘PALE’.

The Beauty:

I travel, a bit. And while I love it there is a light and a dark side. I usually have a connecting flight that involves a few hours of downtime where I sit in the business lounge, pretend to be fancy whilst sipping on prosecco at 7 o’clock in the morning. I wear a mask of resting bitch face, lest anyone get any ideas that they should come and share a table with me, while I read a book, grow enraged over the Daily Mail’s obsequious nature towards the Kardashian/Jenner clan, or play Clash of Clans (yeah, no – I’m not kidding). This is all lovely but there is also something called…



I don’t even know what it means – all I know is I can stock up on liquor, luxury goods, and Maltesers all in one go. I like to rationalize these purchases with a ‘oh, I have leftover Euro – I’m never going to leave the US again and need to use them up now before the banking system collapses and we start to barter with bread again!’. (False, I travel almost monthly.) On one such trip down ‘Rationalizing Obscene Purchase Lane’, I procured the lovely Diorskin Hydra Life BB Creme. It’s beautiful pale blue bottle caught my eye and I knew I already loved their foundation so I figured why not? I have not regretted it since.

It’s light but provides great coverage. Goes on smooth and – name spoiler alert! – hydrates your skin better than other BB creams I’ve used before. There is also a light scent that just smells rich. When I apply it I feel like I should be calling for my handmaiden to lace me into my corset before I go to tea with some betches.

The Instruction:

Cleanse your skin and apply a light moisturizer. Two to two and a half pumps of product should cover your face. I usually apply with either my fingertips, working from my nose outwards OR I have recently started to use a beauty blender to apply, finding it provides more even coverage.

The Beast:

Oh sweet Batman, did I blackout when I bought this? Did the conversion confuse me? MATH IS HARD. Either way, $60.00 is a steep asking price for a BB cream BUT you definitely get what you pay for. This is far and above the best BB cream I’ve ever used on my skin.

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