Saving Face

Product: Black Makeup Washcloths

Rating: The Godfather

Price: 6 for $55.00

Shop It: The Turkish Towel Company

I have been very focused on doing things correctly in 2016 and that involves a lot of cleansing (no, I don’t juice cleanse or give up booze, if anything I’m focused on only drinking clear liquors – vodka sodas ftw!). Things I wasn’t thinking could harm my skin – build up on makeup brushes, not properly cleansing or toning my face, using the same towel I wipe dirty makeup on to dry my face post-wash – all of these little actions have been adding build up and not doing me ANY favors. I think any one into makeup or skincare probably already knows all of this but I am a slow learner, SORRY EINSTEINS.

The Beauty:

Over MLK Day weekend I was at a lovely (and way too fancy for me) resort for a friend’s wedding. The room featured these particular cloths and it got me thinking HOW are these not everywhere and why don’t I own them myself?

Seriously, think about how many washcloths are ruined or discolored because you were wiping your makeup off or applying it and needed somewhere to tap residue on to? I can tell you that my own cloths, blue by design, are some odd tie-dye of pale blue and tan now after makeup application.

WELL NO MORE. Seriously, I am buying these ASAP.

The Beast:

Have you even been listening? Do you even read, bro?! There is no beast. Just clean, happy towels that look cute too.

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