No Shower Thursday

PRODUCT: Bumble and bumble pret-a-powder

Rating: The Godfather

Price: $27.00, 2 ounces or $12.00, 0.5 ounces

Shop It: Sephora, Bumble and bumble

The Beauty:

Sometimes, life is hard. How many times do you hit snooze in the morning? If you’re a normal human, I assume between the range of 0-2 times. If you’re a jojo, you could be hitting snooze every 9 minutes for an hour and a half. This results in body showers where you do not have time to wash your hair.

Enter the beauty that are dry shampoos! I have very fine hair so volume is always an issue as well as grease. Man, I am a STUNNER. Luckily for me, natural beauty aint what it’s cracked up to be so there are plenty of products to help me out. On a recent swing through Sephora, I was interested in a flat-iron or curling iron to branch out my hair style a bit. There I stumbled upon a Bumble and bumble rep who recommended the pret-a-powder not only as an option for day-old hair but also as a texturizer and volume builder on just washed hair.

The Instruction:

Carefully (or you will look like George Washington when he put on his wig) tap out the powder onto your roots. Then I kind of ruffle it in until I can no longer see the white residue from the powder. I tend to start where I part my hair then carefully lift and apply elsewhere along my roots until I feel sufficiently non-greasy.

Not only is this product great on day-old hair but if you have thin or fine hair you can use it to add a bit of grip when you’re styling your freshly washed hair, be it a top-knot (or, a ‘lady-bun’ because remember, girls, the man-bun came first!) or a braid.

Bonus – it has a light, fresh scent that isn’t overpowering but lifts your nostrils as well.

The Beast:

There is always the danger of not applying it correctly and giving yourself white roots/premature grays. Make sure you blend into your roots to avoid this. I also recommend trying out the travel size first before you commit to the whole thing!

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