Monday Mascara: Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant Mascara

PRODUCT: Make up For ever Smoky Extravagant Mascara

Rating: Tom Hagen

Price: $24.00 full-size, $12.00 travel size

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Monday’s tangent: did any one else watch the Golden Globes last night and continually question ‘who even are you?’ because I did. I think I knew approximately 20% of who everyone was and about 10% of the shows/films up for awards. I’m either getting old or growing out of knowing about pop culture. This could be either a blessing or a curse – I have yet to decide.

The Beauty:

Make Up For Ever is a newer brand to my beauty arsenal. Previously, I’ve only purchased their fake eyelashes (review pending because they were amazing). I don’t often research the companies I purchase from but I started to look for on their website and discovered a few things: they’re owned by LVMH, a French luxury goods house that is made of a merged Louis Vuitton and Moet Hennessy, and their site includes a magazine section that provides tips on how to use their products as well as extensive makeup class options. I’ve decided the new ‘I’m running away and joining the circus’ is ‘I’m quitting my job and moving to NYC to become a makeup artist’. Don’t tell me I can’t, you’re not my real mom!

Enough chatter, on to the actual product: I’m a BIG fan of mascaras that are multi-sided and this one gives both volume AND precision through a brushed with fatter, clustered bristles and a side that is more separated.

The Instruction:

Typically, I would start out with an eyelash curler, however I have found that Benefit’s Roller Lash provides the same perks of a metal curler without the potential of ripping out said lashes. Once adequately curled, I start with the thicker brush to add volume. Another handy aspect of this mascara is the grip allows you to easily swivel between the thicker side and the more precise side.

After a do a couple coats of volume, I flip to the precise side separate the lashes. The formula goes on smooth and without clumping which delights me because clumps remind me of spider legs and I’m not super into bugs.

The Beast:

No real negatives. I like it but it doesn’t necessarily blow me away. As though a mascara has the ability to make or break my day (spoiler alert: depending on the day, it absolutely can).

Extra Tip: Buy the travel size if you’re not willing to commit. It’s half the price (and half the size but you’re meant to swap mascara out on a monthly basis and travel size will just about bring you to that date!). 

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