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PRODUCT: FARMACY Coconut Gel Masks

Rating: Tom Hagen, Gerber

Price: $24.00

Shop It: Sephora

The Beauty:

Over the last six months or so, I’ve started to mix in a Sunday mask into my beauty routine. Partially this was because I travel so much and it wreaks havoc on my skin so I need a bit of help but then I realized it was just a good, pampering tactic.

One that was recommended to me by a lovely Sephora beauty adviser was this three pack of Farmacy coconut gel masks targeted for clearer skin. I was actually in the midst of purchasing a different mask when I received this recommendation. The Beauty Adviser recommended the Brightening (Purple Broccoli) mask for clearer and smoother skin. Since my skin tone tends to look like marble (like, meat marbling – red and blotchy, not the pretty smooth marble of Statues of Davids), I jumped at this product.

The Instruction:

When you hold the package in your hand, you can feel both the mask and actual product so I recommend kind of spreading it around before opening it (this is quite difficult to describe…you’ll get it when you hold it – it feels like one of those 90s water-snakes).

Once opened, there are three distinct parts to the mask: a blueish tinted protective sheet, the gel mask, and an outer layer of clear film. It can be a little difficult to discern the blueish tinted one from the clear so be very careful when removing that first. Once you have, press against your face and smooth on. Since it’s a gel mask, it smooths on well but you should also take care to make sure it’s applied evenly. When the clear film is removed, you don’t want to touch it.

After application, remove the clear sheet and chill for 25-30 minutes before peeling off. You will spend your time looking like this:

So avoid a mirror if you want to sleep that night.

Once your time is up, remove the mask then ‘harvest’ the product – fancy, kind of creep term, that means you should just massage any leftover product into your skin with clean fingertips. End result is a smooth, lovely toned and brightened face. Start your week off on the right foot with a Sunday pampering day.

The Beast:

Not a whole lot. I do get a little frustrated with the difficult of application because I have fat fingers – it’s actually quite easy but some of the smoothing process isn’t so smooth because I am not Michael Jackson (a smooth criminal).

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