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Rating: The Godfather

Price: $17.00

Shop It: MAC (Bonus good vibes – every cent of the selling price of VIVA GLAM is donated to the M·A·C AIDS Fund.)

Adele, with her classic beauty looks of winged liner and bold lip is perfect for this dreary day. 


Over the last year or so I have added numerous lipsticks to my beauty bag where before there was nary a gloss to be found. Until last year, I hadn’t worn lipstick since my erstwhile days of dance recitals (I was 7 and nothing screams professional tap dancer quite like a strong red lip). What changed was a visit to MAC where I was essentially shamed for not knowing how to apply lipstick.


Because now I have multiple hues in my bag, varying from season to season, occasion to occasion, outfit to outfit. I favor a bold red lip on nights out, a healthy nude for day to day professionalism, and this Viva Glam gem for those apple-picking, cider-sipping, fire-snuggling days. I became kind of obsessed with this color, raving about the muted plum with brown undertones. It gives me lovely autumnal vibes that will flow nicely into the holiday season.


Always prep your lips pre-application with an exfoliating scrub or even running over your lips with a toothbrush to buff them smooth. Once you have baby’s bottom’s smooth skin, apply a primer first to moisturize and refine. Then apply a liner. With this particular hue, I also purchased the MAC Lip Pencil in Half Red for $16.50 (although a nude lip pencil will do the trick as well):




Once you’re all lined up, carefully apply the lipstick. I always start with the lower lip swoop then carefully hit the top lips being sure not to pull a Kylie Jenner and over do it (unless you’re into that sort of thing – no judgement). Once applied, clean up your edges with liquid concealer to really set your line then skip on you merry way to the orchard or the bar – and don’t forget your matching maroon flannel!


None to speak of besides the usual lip-wearing caveats: beware what you eat, lick the rim of a glass before sipping on it (seriously, you won’t leave residue behind if you do this and if you’re uncomfortable with the trick, may I recommend a margarita with a salt rim), and beware of all the compliments because I received a solid five from strangers whilst wandering a music festival.

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