The Lisa Frank of Acne Wipes

PRODUCT: Peter Thomas Roth Gentle Complexion Correction Pads

Rating: Gerber

Price: $40.00

Shop It: Sephora, Peter Thomas Roth

A little explicit but really gets your Monday going.

the beauty:

Raise your hands if you had acne in the 90s! If you are oddly sitting at your desk with you arm in the air, put it down – you look crazy. But also daydream back to those awkward days where Lisa Frank products reigned supreme while you sat on your inflatable furniture, talking on a see through phone even though you just saw Scream and may have peed your pants a little every time it rang. With this walk down memory lane, I’m also seeing those Stridex commercials of dudes with bowl cuts talking about how great their acne was now that they burned it off of them.

And since everything 90s is apparently back in so too are my use of their face products. Except about eight times pricier. This little gem of a product comes from a recommendation from my coworker that I force to read my blog while I watch her (we share an office and face each other…she deserves a gold medal for putting up with me for 8-10 hours a day).

The comparison between Stridex pads and Peter Thomas Roth’s offering end in the packaging and outward appearance. My skin is as dramatic as a thirteen year old girl trying to sneak out to a party in a mini skirt and getting caught. Meaning it’s red, bitter and yelling ‘you can’t tell me what to do!’. It rarely behaves how I would like it to but have been focusing on babying and cleaning it so that it doesn’t erupt in a face full of zits. Hence I went with the Gentle Complexion offering.

the instruction:

After cleansing your skin, wipe GENTLY across your face with the rougher side first then following up with the softer side. Start out just once daily until you know how your skin will react to the stronger medicine included on the wipe. There is a lovely post-application peach scent that remains (and covers up the nose tingling smell that usually accompanies acne meds).

Obviously these pads don’t magically wipe away your blemishes BUT with continued use I have noticed my skin is clearer and smoother. I find I have to use less foundation to cover up those pesky imperfections which is great because then my skin can breathe. Post-wipe application I follow up with a toner just to get every last scrap of makeup out of my pores and have found these wipes DRAMATICALLY decrease the leftover residue I was seeing with just a wash.

the beast:

Mostly, the cost. Although I do have to say that can’t really be a limiting or negative factor for most beauty products as it is quite the lucrative industry to manufacture in. Additionally, one should be careful to use sparingly until you know how sensitive your skin will be to the new product. It can certainly bring some dryness to the equation but, as the name implies, it is gentle enough for the sensitive skins of the world!

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