Excess Baggage


Rating: Gerber

Price: $30.00

Shop It: Sephora, Origins 

Some candy for your ears. 

The Beauty:

“Can you recommend something that gets rid of those awful dark circles under her eyes?” -my Mother, bluntly speaking to a makeup counter employee at Saks Fifth Avenue while complimenting how pretty I look on a day to day basis.

Mine are Louis, what are yours?

We’ve all been there: lack of sleep due to an all-nighter (party or work related), trouble sleeping due to horrendous jetlag or a 14 hour flight, or maybe it’s the sounds of your neighbor’s newborn screaming through the wall…whatever the reason, life gets in the way and we don’t always get that 8+ hours of sleep. Does anyone, ever? If yes, please tell me where you are employed and if you’re hiring.

I know I need a little help in perking up the MASSIVE bags that have resided under my eyes since age 20 when I decided to major in Procrastination with a minor in All Nighters and while I’ve tried a few products, this little gem hits a number of high points. It’s a shimmery pale pearl cream that helps to lighten and de-puff even the darkest of circles.

The Instruction:

A little bit goes a LOOOOONG way. Seriously, using the very tip-top of your index finger dab a bit of product on and then carefully apply to your under eye area. It’s quite shimmery when you first apply and you should take care to let it soak in before applying concealer or foundation. The results are fairly instantaneous in their perk-up factor and one of the ingredients is coffee beans. I love coffee so much that I’ve started wearing it.

The Beast:

Unlike some under eye products, this one does not purport to eradicate your bags forevs. Instead, it’s more of ‘what can you do for me RIGHT now?’ product.  And while it does so swimmingly, you’ll need to apply daily (and possibly twice daily depending on if you’re working a 12 or 14 hour day as adults are wont to do) to cover up zee bags.

If you don’t want to splurge on the full size product, I recommend dancing into your local Sephora and asking for a sample. Since they give a fair amount in sample size AND you only need a small amount per application, it can last you a solid month before you even have to spend a dime.

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