Sweet Sweaty Eyes!

PRODUCT: Tarte lights, camera, lashes eyeliner

Rating: Walk of Shame Worthy

Price: $20.00

Shop It: TarteUlta

OBSESSED with The Chainsmokers. It’s not all about #Selfies…or maybe it is.

the beauty:

Ever get sweat in your eye? Besides how badly it burns (that’s what she said), your makeup is going ALL over your face. And while it’s a super chic look to have mascara smudged all over (is it though, IS IT?), I find that people start to offer me crack when I’ve got liner all over the face. Two weekends ago I attended a lovely little festival in Mos Eisley…at least it felt like being on a foreign planet because it was hothotHOT. If it wasn’t raining, it was baking. Previously discussed in my Festival Tips post, I mentioned having a liquid liner handy as it’s a simple yet classic look for those who are not the ‘I woke up like this’ type.

I AM 100% NOT A ‘I WOKE UP LIKE THIS’ PERSON. I was, however, that girl who was sitting in her car meticulously applying  makeup each morning while the 21 year olds in the neighboring campsite proceeded to vomit at 2 PM – amateurs. I was pleasantly pleased with this little gem and I have yet to encounter a Tarte product that I don’t love. This one has sky rocketed to the top of my Facial Charts after I purchased during another spree at Sephora.

The Instruction:

The liner is black like my soul and has a felt tip that I find gives great control and precision when applying. If you are new to the cat eye or just liquid liner game in general, this is a great starting point.

Some liquid liners can end up being a bit messy since you can control the amount of product on the applicator. This is as close to idiot proof as you can get while still achieving a rockin’ look.

Here’s a peek of me wearing said product:


the beast:

Similar to Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner it doesn’t quite have the long-last of either a gel pot or non-felt tip pencil. I’ve been using this non-stop for the last two weeks and while it’s doing it’s job, I fear it will not last as long as some other offerings.

When does it last? Post- application. This shit made it through a weekend of sweat and rain AND a weekend of me dancing my ass off. Note to self: don’t Bernie…you look absurd.

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