Monday Mascara: Get the London Look

PRODUCT: Rimmel scandaleyes rockin’ curves

Rating: Butter

Price: $6.99

Shop It: Drugstores like CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, etc.

You get Mumford today because they will forever remind me of London and Rimmel wants that London look baaaad. Also, I kind of die over their new album – I’m obsessed and you should be too.

the beauty:

There ain’t no shame in going cheap. I can only recommend so many products that break the bank before you start asking if I have stock in Sephora (I don’t, unfortunately). On Friday I needed to hit up CVS for razors because it’s summer and apparently hairy legs are not in style…man I miss the 60s. While there I also grabbed a few cheap goodies for your consumption that you’ll see over the next week or so.

This was my first dalliance with a Rimmel product and I grabbed this specific product for the quirky brush and because Kate Moss’s face was on the package. If there’s any one I admire in this world, its people who managed to make millions off looking like you were super into drugs. High-five for heroin?

the instruction:

The brush on this bad boy reminds me of a spider and not in a good way. I had a similar reaction to it as I do when I spot an eight-legged guest in my apartment: I froze in terror and confusion then wondered if I should stomp it or let it be. Obviously, I did not step on it…that would be weird.

Regardless, it’s mascara – apply it by putting on mascara. Cue the eyes-wide-mouth-open look for all! Take care with this brush, it’s a bit thicker and more wonky than I’m used to so I ended up with bits of mascara on my eyelids. That is so not the London look I was going for.

the beast:

This mascara isn’t terrible, it’s worth the $6.99.

That being said, it’s worth $6.99.

It provides volume but not too much length so if you have long but thin lashes, this is a great find. I need help in both the plumping and elongating department so for me, it’s kind of a meh.

Also, as I mentioned the brush is a bit of a pain to maneuver. I don’t know if I have now conditioned myself to my lovely Dior straight yet plumpy brush or what, but it took some getting used to the curves on this one. Add to that the fact that I was hurriedly applying it at 5:30 AM I now have splotches on my eyelids. Luckily I work with mostly male engineers who have a hard time making eye contact let alone noticing what kind of eye makeup you have on so I’m not too concerned about it. If you work with regular human beings, I’d take caution whence applying.

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