Men Don’t Like Red Lipstick

PRODUCT: Chanel rouge allure #99

Rating: Tom Hagen

Price: $36.00

Shop It: Chanel

the beauty:

I told you I’m super into lipstick right now. Much like when I find a song and over play it (see above track…I’m having trouble listening to anything else), the same can be said for beauty products. I’ve gone through eye liner stages, mascara stages, and now it’s lipsticks turn! Good for Sephora, Bluemercury, and various other beauty outlets, bad for my wallet.

Before this year, I honestly never thought much about what my lips looked like – I slapped on some Burt’s Bees balm and skipped along my merry way. Was it nice, never having to worry if there was color smeared on my face or teeth or left lingering on the rim of my vodka-soda glass? Sure.

Did I feel like I had the power to crush a man’s skull with my heel? Nope.

That’s the beauty of this (and any bright lipstick): men hate it. And it’s super cute that they think we care. 

I snagged this baby after seeing it on one of my favorite fashion bloggers Instagrams, an annoyingly adorable Czech girl by the name of Barbora over at Vogue Haus. It seems that one of her favorite accessory is a rockin’ red lip and girl kills it. After learning the exact shade, I was bouncing through Munich airport on a return trip home when I decided to splurge (aka spend my per diem on makeup instead of schnitzel) at the Duty Free shop.

the instruction:

Saturday I attended a baby shower and decided to debut this little gem. I’ve been favoring more of a matte look so it was a departure to swipe on the smoother, slicker color but I didn’t hate it. It went on easily and it was was more moisturizing than a matte. It’s also been helpful that I’ve been using the Tarte lip exfoliant morning and night so my lips were ready for color.

As always, careful application is key. Don’t be in a hurry and don’t be sweating. Both of which I was (that’s why you don’t get a pic). Lipstick is ALWAYS last on for me and since I’m a bad person and Mercury has been chilling in retrograde for too long, I’m usually running late. It all ended up working out but prior planning prevents poor lip application!

the beast:

It could be this particular stick or it could just be a lack of preparation but I DESPERATELY need a liner. It felt like this was more prone to bleeding than other lipsticks I’ve used recently. Also, while it lasted a good couple of hours with champagne passing through my lips (then later some fries. And steak. And Nutella stuffed doughnuts…but I hangrily digress), it did require a few reapplications in the unforgiving public bathroom light.

Overall, this is in the running against the NARS color for my go-to red so Chanel, you pearl wearing classy betch, thanks for being you.

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