Smooth Talker: Tarte Lip Exfoliant

PRODUCT: Tarte Maracuja lip exfoliant

Rating: Gerber

Price: $16.00

Shop It: Sephora

the beauty:

Exfoliation is one of those beauty steps I consistently forget about until I realize my skin is flaking off after a winter of hibernation. I’m kind of like a bear come springtime: sleepy, grumpy, fat and ready to eat some salmon…wait, what?  Fun fact: did you know the Egyptians are credited for inventing exfoliation and that during the Middle Ages they used wine as an exfoliant? I hope you’re also picturing fat Henry VIII dumping red wine all over his body like I am. But I digress…

So moving on, this little tub goes hand in hand with making the most out of your newly purchased red lipstick. I mentioned before that preparation is key when you’re getting ready to apply lipstick as bright colors are supremely unforgiving and while swiping lip balm helps, sometimes drastic chap-assed lips call for drastic-minty measures.

Cue this little product. While the option to buff your lips with a toothbrush is always there, this scrub provides better results for a little more money than your $2.99 Crest.

The instruction:

Dab a bit of the paste like mixture on your finger and rub onto your lips in little circular motions. I like to leave it on for a little while, usually while finishing the rest of my makeup. I have no idea if that scientifically helps things along but I feel like letting it soak in helps. Once applied, wipe excess product with a damp cloth and voila! your lips are now smooth and ready for some bright, dramatic colorings.

An additional positive here is the delightful minty tingles that have me singing Mentooos freshness, Mentos…uh, that’s all I remember from the ads.

I’ve started to put this on morning and night and am LOVING the results. No longer do I feel like my lips are cracked like I’ve been wandering the desert for days on end without water. Instead they are smooth and hydrated and I’ve started wearing more lipstick. It’s really win/win for me (however a big fat L in the money column).

the beast:

Not a whole lot of downside here. This little goodie, while pricey, is long lasting if you choose to just use it to prep for a night out versus every day usage.

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