Hair!? Okay! Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray


Product: Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

Rating: Butter

Price: $42

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I am one of those blessed people with super gorgeous, shiny, bouncy hair that was made for an Herbal Essences commercial…

OR…if I’m being honest – which I really hate to be – my hair is actually limp and fine which makes me sad. It’s also super pin straight but takes about four minutes to blow dry so that’s cool seeing as I am always performing a fire drill to get to work on time. But I digress, I am constantly on the hunt for something to breathe life into my tresses and I went out on an (expensive) limb and snatched up this highly rated beauty spray from Birchbox.

It promised to breathe life into dull hair, to texturize and to act as a dry shampoo for those days when there’s just not time to shower (I call those ‘weekdays’).


On either clean or day-old(ish) hair shake it like a Polaroid picture, hold the can 4-6 inches (who has ever accurately estimated 4-6 inches?  Certainly not men – BOOOOM! inappropriate joke for your Tuesday!) away from your head, then spray on the roots/anywhere you desire a lift.

This product smells so phenomenal if they bottled it as a perfume, I’d buy stock in it. AND it boosts your hair up. After spraying I like to do a little ruffle up, a gentle personal noogie if you will, to really add the volume.


It’s kinda sticky.

How proud is everyone that I fought off saying ‘that’s what she said’ to my own sentence?!

But seriously, a little goes a long way here and you don’t want to overload too much or you’ll end up with not so touchable hair that can look greasy which completely defeats the purpose of a dry shampoo. These drawbacks drop this little beauty from a Tom Hagen to a Butter.

Oh and the PRICE, my god the PRICE! If you’re not down for throwing out so much dough without knowing how your hair will take to this spray, there is a pocket size for $21.50.



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