On Yo Face! Stila One Step Correct


Product: Stila One Step Correct

Rating: Tom Hagen, Gerber

Price: $36

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I think I’ve mentioned before my skin tone is comparable to that of a ghost’s. I have my Irish genes curb stomping out the Greek ones to thank for that little genetic blessing. That being said, dealing with my skin has been a lifelong struggle – whether it was the small patches of dry skin I would get as a child during the summer or the angry red zits that made for a fun game of camouflage. As I’ve grown older, my skin has cleared up due to an established beauty routine but it’s still a struggle, particularly in the redness arena.

This little gem was recommended by an Ulta employee who explained the green would neutralize the redness/blemishes. And boooy was she right!

It’s a lightweight formula with three color-correcting primer/brighteners: green to combat redness, lavender(ish) for a little energy and peach to brighten and energize. It goes on smooth and doesn’t weigh your skin down, which is the perfect combination going into the sweaty summer I’m sure we’ll all be bitching about in a month (or a day if you’re like me and live in swampy-city District of Columbia).


It’s a simple two-pump chump to get some fantastic base coverage: smooth onto your face then apply foundation as usual! It’s magic lies in continued use which leads to less concealer/foundation needs.


I don’t know why I’m so reluctant to Godfather products but I am so while this product is dat real ish this stays as a Tom Hagen and a Gerber while not quite hitting that Hall of Fame status. The only real issue is the price buuuuut it’s pretty much par for the course when you’re trying to beautify so even that’s being overly critical.


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