Bare Down: Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

Fresh Soy Cleanser

Product: Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

Rating: The Godfather, Gerber

Price: $38

Shop ItSephora, Fresh

TIPIf you’re not quite ready to make a $38 commitment, there is a smaller size so give that a whirl first!


Let’s back this beauty train up a bit because you need a fresh canvas to slap on these products. It’s also confession time:

I used to be AWFUL at taking my makeup off at night. And then I would bitch and moan about how bad my skin was, never seeing the correlation. Well oddly enough, at the age of 28(!) I finally learned my lesson after buying this facial cleanser. The magic of this face wash is how gentle it is, but still manages to be tough on getting that makeup off. Not only does it leave your skin feeling so very clean, it also removes eye makeup.

That’s right, lazy girl, one little product clears your face AND gets off the industrial strength Dior Black Out (or your alternate chosen mascara).


Use morning and night with some warm water.

Scrub scrub scrub.

Rinse rinse rinse.

Enjoy your blemish free face.


My skin is very sensitive and while I have spots/blemishes, they aren’t excessively terrible so I am not sure how this will work if you have acne but it would be a great place to start your beauty day. My mum (who is notoriously difficult to please) has commented how nice my skin looks after using this product religiously for a few weeks.


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