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Brow Zings

Product: Benefit Brow Zings

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I have a confession: I only recently got into the Brow Game (or as you crazy kids on the Tumblr say “Eyebrow Game Strong”). Mostly I’m just happy that the creepy thin brows of yore are no more. Now, I have to admit that I was blessed with brows that require minimal maintenance, which is great because I am so lazy that if not for happy genetics I would most likely have a unibrow due to lack of plucking.

All that being said, I was home recently and cruised into an Ulta where they had a magnificent little treat of a bar (beauty, not booze sadly) called Benefit’s Brow Bar. I signed myself right up expecting to be in and out (it was Christmas Eve eve…I still had a lot of shopping to do) BUT lo and behold, the artist lingered. I was terrified of what I was going to see when we had the big reveal (my mind fabricated the horror of the woman that worked the corner store with pencil drawn on brows). BUT to my utter shock and delight, I had amazing, defined, full, Lily Collins-esque brows.

Was it all this product? Uh…YEAH.

(Okay, maybe the quick wax & pluck helped but seriously, this is pretty damn close to a miracle). 


A little more advanced than yesterday because if you just wipe this on willy nilly, well you will have people looking at your new brow game but for all the wrong reasons.

This little product is a two-step process. For the Benefit recommended wear see here. However, I do it a little different. Make sure you start with relatively plucked eyebrows – this shit is good but it’s not going to tame a jungle:

1. Using the brush labeled Hard Angle, dip into the wax (the product on the left / just touch it, you’ll see why it’s the wax). Define and angle your brow with short strokes (heh, that’s what she said). Once you have sufficiently accentuated those beauties move onto number two.

2. Using the brush labeled Blending Brush, apply the power (not rocket science, ladies, it’s the one on the right). Fill in those nasty little bare spots and hold that waxy style with the powder.

Included are a pair of little tweezers: THEY. ARE. AWFUL. Use your reg tweezers to pluck any stray hairs that dare defy your brow game.

And that’s it, #eyebrowgamestrong.


If you’re a brow rookie (I admit, like I was just a few short months ago) this will take some trial and error. Don’t decide to use this product for the first time on a Monday morning with only 3 minutes until you have to leave the house to make it to work on time. You will end up with wonky brows and you will have just wasted precious minutes that could have been used drinking coffee. My best recommendation is spend a lazy Sunday practicing, it’s really pretty easy to get the hang of and once you do it fits quickly into your regular morning routine.


  1. Jac April 29, 2014 / 8:52 pm

    We need photos! Time to embrace the secret selfie taker inside and post some pics of you and the make up in action!

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